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Louis Vuitton famous movie costumes

Until 31 March 2016, the French house orchestra in Rome and Venice retrospective "A Tale of suits." Film documentaries and historical outfits straight out of the archives , which have marked the history of the 7th art.

While the French house early November invited all those who love to discover new technologies application "City Guide" from the Apple Store, Louis Vuitton are heading to Italy to celebrate y "A Tale of suits." A tribute to the history of cinema, which runs until March 31 next simultaneously at the Espace Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton and Venice Spazio Etoile in Rome. On the side of Venice, are 3 outfits for three historical periods that are exposed, including "Adrienne," a dress from the late 18th century and completely renovated by the French leather goods house, and a knitted dress with hand son of paper by the Chinese artist Chen Movana. To honor the custom-made suits that have marked the history of cinema, archival documentary parade including a short film on the history of costume Sartoria Tirelli and several outfits from designers will be exhibited in Rome as the dress Romy Schneider in the film and the Ludwig "The Borgias" dress Salma Hayek in Tale of Tales. A trip combining fashion and cinema, discovered in both cities until March 31.
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