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Vanessa Paradis, guest of honor of the Christmas issue of Vogue Paris

His last album, its scene memories, its Paris, men who have marked and shaped his life ... A unique glimpse of paradise galaxy, including the inimitable charm has crossed two continents and three decades without ever ceasing to shine. On newsstands on 1 December.
"Overexposed since its 14 years and the phenomenal success of Joe le Taxi, her elegantly shaped popularity thanks to Serge Gainsbourg, Patrice Leconte, Jean-Paul Goude for Chanel or Benjamin Biolay, it has kept its mystery. A challenge to our time, it falls gracefully. No wonder that Vanessa was offered the editorship of the Vogue Christmas, "wrote Emmanuelle Alt, editor of Vogue Paris, in the editorial issue in December 2015 / January 2016. Solar under the lens of Inez Vinoodh, mesmerizing David Sims or engaged in the natural by the black and white Karim Sadli, Vanessa Paradis is the image of the three blankets and passion kaleidoscopes secret for a woman with many faces. It is known Parisian, California, through the prism of some chips stolen from his private life, but the child shy of Joe Le Taxi has crossed three decades with an iron will, who will be protected to the end. Vogue Paris, the singer and actress at the velvet voice finally agrees to uncover its secrets, jealously guarded. A walk over its retro Paris, a glance at his family photos, the men who crossed his life and who have not left, his memories projected babydoll under the bright lights of New York 90s, icons singing love with the heart that burns ... The whirlwind of his life, Vanessa Paradis tells the story for the first time with his own words. A nice Christmas gift to find on newsstands on 1 December.
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