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Behind the scene of shooting with Alexia Giordano

The photo shoot organized by Givenchy and here are worth seeing. Small preview images of a crazy makeup day.

The beauty tips and tutorials are great, but how they are made live, it's even better! For that we followed for a whole day Nicolas Degennes, artistic director of Givenchy makeup and his team.

Step by step, we pierced the secrets of Fanny Martin, Givenchy make-up artist on art and how to achieve a perfect makeup and outfit .

First look: beautiful Alexia Giordano model that can be seen in Louis XIV's Versailles museum in the series, wearing a nude makeup and rosy cheeks giving the model a glowy complexion.

It was later discovered a fatal Alexia, with a slightly sparkling red carmine lips heart of mouth.

For a vibrant look, nothing better than a coup d'eyeliner XL dense and shiny like varnish and fully fleshed eyelashes.

It ends with a custom glaçace eyelids and shadows painted red and black. The photographs from the shooting, taken by Joanna and Benjamin Bornazzini Lorenzo, are included in the special issue on newsstands beauty Here tomorrow and now available on your shelves!

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