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How to find the perfect sweater dress

With winter looming, nothing nicer than slipping into a comfortable sweater dress. And that's good, because this classic piece has reinvented itself with new models. Quickly discover my latest finds mesh 100%!

# The long sweater dress
Furiously trendy this season, the sweater dress is available in long version, slim and very often with a turtleneck. To break the sexiness of this tight dress, it is believed to be associated with low white sneakers and a small leather jacket for a style on top. I myself have set my heart for a striped version of the British brand Topshop which is currently balances at € 13 instead of € 46, clearly the right plan of the moment!

# The cuddly sweater dress
If you are the comfortable side of the force, then the cozy sweater dress is for you. Thus selects an ample model, even select a size above. I found a nice XXL model at La Redoute on sale for € 31.99.

# With what to wear?
Depending on the length and shape you can wear your sweater dress more or less dressed. If it is very short it is associated with jeans or leggings that can be combined with a pair of sneakers or boots with heels in terms of its desire of the moment. The sweater dress is generally broad, preference will associate it with skinny jeans or a tregging to play on volumes. Alternative spotted on the catwalks, wear pretty waders with your sweater dress, fashion effect guaranteed.

# Good plan
Remember to go digging dressing your man or your daddy because a very large sweater can be converted into a perfect sweater dress ... Free. And for the stylized, think of the surround. Check out my selection of beautiful african maternity dresses for wedding in the slideshow.
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