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Caring Thrift

Thrift became everyone's favorite but who want branded goods at low prices. In fact, not infrequently, fashionista also fond of hunting thrift in the corners of the city. Lots of tips in choosing a used clothing to be more careful. But mostly they just pay attention to how to select it just did not proceed with the process of care and washing the bacteria into the item is lost.

In general, second-hand clothing store sells clothes that have been washed clean and no material defects. But the odor occurs because the accumulation of old clothes, which only packaged distribution process sober so it looks dirty because of dust contamination.

For those of you who are interested in buying second-hand, you should follow some tips for maintenance:

    Preferably after buying a used clothing directly in the wash, do not be stored in a cupboard containing clean clothes. This is to avoid transmission of bacteria into new clothes and prevent breeding lice become more numerous.
    Before clothes in the wash with soapy water should be soaked in hot water. Temperature hot water function to turn off the lice and eggs that are not visible. However, do not boil especially those made from vintage clothing because it will damage the surface of the material in the clothes.
    Soaking clothes from recycled hot water also use baking soda or ammonia liquid. So that odor on clothes disappear faster.
    Do not wash clothes with the former machine, wash it by hand so that you know which parts are stained and can be cleaned in particular. You can use citrun solution to remove stains if any, stain clothes remain clean and color does not fade.
    After washing and rinsing should be given a fragrance that during subsequent storage does not smell anymore.
    When ironing, on the folds as long buildup should be rubbed gently. Rub until completely smooth surface. Usually after treatment over the clothes, be neat and branded clothes.
    In the subsequent treatment, you can wash as usual using detergent. Wash by hand to keep the clothing materials that are not easily damaged. When drying clothes should also be indirectly exposed to the sun so that the color does not fade fast.
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